July 19, 2020

Sera Deniz

Sera Deniz

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Sera is the Marketing Strategist for Everything Mortgages. She directs all marketing and sales strategies and oversees all the company’s growing online marketing efforts. She is directly responsible for executing on all social media, email marketing, content creation and web copywriting activities.

Sera began her marketing career working in a fast-paced, tight knit start-up where she learned how to use storytelling techniques to help B2B businesses communicate their value, home in their brand voice and articulate their “why.”

As the newest member of the Everything Mortgages team, she believes that any business can benefit from the power of storytelling, creativity and authenticity to captivate an audience and deliver value beyond the typical sales motifs.

Her ability to generate new ideas allows her to energize her team with fresh strategies and new perspectives that propel the business forward. Her natural love of learning drives her motivation to succeed. Whether it’s a new technology or a new idea to research, Sera always takes the challenge like it’s a piece of cake.

When she’s not scribbling up a storm, you can find her reading classic literature, practicing yoga, re-watching her favourite TV shows without a trace of shame or dining with friends at one of Toronto’s many trendy restaurants.