high net worth wealth management Orange County

high net worth wealth management Orange County

Have you ever met an all-in-one doctor? He does heart surgeries, treats cancer, provides skin ointments, etc. It would be even better if he could change your tires and file your taxes. Wealth management isn’t much different. A good wealth manager is like an internist. They provide a comprehensive analysis that looks at everything involved in your finances, but they shouldn’t be an all-in-one solution. The manager should make financial decisions clearer, but not easier. High Net Worth families aren’t faced with easy decisions. At Standing Oak Advisors’ we provide analysis that effect an umbrella of services, including estate planning, tax planning, cost audits, and investment diversification. We enable you to see the long-term effects of decisions today. Anyone who says this is easy either doesn’t understand the task at hand or is looking for a quick sales cycle.


Our high-net-worth wealth management in Orange County services are built around your financial goals, tolerance for risk, and timelines.


How Wealth Management Works for High-Net-Worth Individuals 


While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to wealth management, our focus is built around identifying goals, collecting data, analyzing outcomes, reporting, unifying assets toward those goals, and servicing the family along the way. Financial benefits range from deferral of taxes, improved risk/returns metrics, increased cost basis on existing assets, lower costs, better service, etc.


The following is a list of services for high-net-worth individuals and businesses.


Improved Risk/Return metrics

Ultra-high net-worth portfolios often include a mix of investment tools such as commodities, stocks, bonds, and more. However, assets do not necessarily represent diversification. Diversification is linked to a statistical measure named covariance. Our job as financial advisors is to find diverse asset classes that will allow an investor to increase the amount of return they receive for the amount of risk they take. In our experience, many high-net-worth families utilize a mix of assets but still don’t have great diversification. When building these strategic investment programs, we also look past the individual holdings and assess the manner in which they are managed. This provides an additional level of diversification in our experience.


Real Estate Assessment

Many high-net-worth families hold real estate directly. Often their advisors will not have a system in place to assess property. At Standing Oak Advisors, we can help you identify your best performing properties and worst performing properties. This allows an owner to make decisions regarding 1031 opportunities, rent decisions, occupancy, cost audits, etc.


Planning Your Retirement 

One of the biggest challenges with retirement is time. Determining how much money is needed to maintain your current lifestyle for two to three decades is daunting mathematically. Challenges like inflation and market volatility can quickly turn a financial plan upside down. We help our clients by navigating these challenges with strategies designed to hedge against risks specific to this situation (health costs, cognitive problems, etc).


Managing Taxes 


Filing taxes can seem straightforward but for businesses and high net-worth individuals it can be extremely complicated and present a myriad of complications. Unless you have an extensive knowledge of the tax code, successfully navigating it can be nearly impossible. We work with our client’s CPAs and tax professionals and have relationships with experienced tax professionals who specialize in working with high-net-worth families. Our focus for most clients is tax deferral. There are no bigger enemy to wealth than fees and taxes.


Why Should You Choose Standing Oak Advisors?

Our team of financial advisors helps establish strategies that can help achieve your financial goals, from your business’ future to your retirement. As your financial advisor we will work closely with you to understand the objectives you have set and formulate strategies that can help you to improve your bottom line during turbulent market conditions. Feel free to contact us online, book a personalized consultation on financial planning, or call!

high net worth wealth management Orange County


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high net worth wealth management Orange County

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high net worth wealth management Orange County

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