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A point of sale system (POS) is a network of software and hardware components designed to record and process payment transactions between a company and its clients. It is an advancement to the traditional cash register used for payment processing, although it is more complex.

POS systems are used in various places, such as restaurants, retail stores, and hotels. A POS system allows you to collect guests’ purchases and orders from different points of sales and charge them directly to their room in a hotel.

Among other key features of a POS system for hotels, we’ve highlighted a few below.

Payment Processing

Hotel customers can pay with different payment methods like cash, debit/credit cards, checks, etc., and in various sales outlets. POS systems for hotels in Australia must have the capacity to accept, verify and process the transactions from anywhere within and outside the country.

Advanced POS features like bill splitting, subtracting from a guest’s bill if they want to leave earlier, and splitting a single item on the bill can also be part of a POS system.

Customer Management

You can collect some of your customers’ data like email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers using a POS system to improve your marketing efforts. The system can monitor your customers’ sales details, preferences, purchasing history, and buying habits, enabling the hotel to develop customized and targeted offers to entice customers to keep patronizing your hotel.

Setting up a sound customer management system on your POS can help you improve your customer relationships, influence your marketing campaigns, and provide a personalized guest experience.

Inventory Management

Nowadays, some of the best hotel POS software in Australia can monitor your stock levels and send customized notifications when the quantity reaches or drops below a preset amount. Some POS systems also allow you to set up automatic reordering of your most frequently demanded products.

POS applications are often combined with third-party inventory management tools to maintain an uninterrupted supply chain.

Employee Management

Since the hotel industry hires many employees, you’ll need a POS system that can help you coordinate them efficiently. As the system administrator, you can manage employee access to specific features of the POS system.

You may give some staff or positions permission to perform specific duties such as voiding transactions or issuing refunds.

Many POS systems also have an in-built time clock that you can use to monitor employees clock-in and clock-out and monitor each employee’s performance. Asides from this, you can use the POS system to create employee schedules for your hotel staff. Check to see how the existing employee scheduling system and time and attendance system integrates with the POS system.


The reporting capability is included with all POS programs, and you can use the report to monitor inventory levels, employee results, promotional behavior across platforms, and so on. Another advantage is that your sales lines will be more visible, as money from both walk-ins and hotel visitors will be submitted to your PMS, giving you a complete overview of your revenue sources. 

Look for top-rated POS systems for hotels that allow you to customize reports and filter data by date range and other variables. You will also want to search for a system that will enable you to configure how the data is viewed visually and send you automated reporting by email.

A quality hotel POS system must possess the ability to connect seamlessly with existing hotel management software to make all hotel management processes easy. Our POS system is among the best POS for retail outlets and hotels in Australia, including all the features mentioned above and many more.

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