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One of the biggest challenges that freelancers have is concerning mortgage loans. Although there are more and more self-employed people in Canada every day, the approval of credits for self-employed people is minimal in traditional banking.

If you are self-employed and want a mortgage, you can rely on a top Toronto self-employed mortgage broker. You must know the different alternatives in Canada for you to get a mortgage, and where you can find the best alternatives.

How to Get a Mortgage When You Are Self-Employed?

Getting a mortgage in traditional banking is not impossible for self-employed people. You should keep in mind that banks are interested in lending money. The problem with the self-employed is that the risk of not receiving the money back is greater because of their income instability. So, to get a loan with traditional financiers, you must show them that your income over time will be enough to cover your mortgage payments.

To achieve an extraordinary image in front of the banks, which makes you eligible for a mortgage loan, you must maintain an impeccable financial culture. In that sense, these are the three main strategies you can implement:

  1. Relationships With the Credit World:
    You must develop an excellent credit history. To do so, you must have minor credit instruments, such as personal loans and credit cards. Also, you must meet all obligations without any delay. By maintaining your credit instruments’ health, banks will perceive that there is no greater risk in lending you money since you have a culture of timely payment.
  2. Savings Accounts:
    Many banks offer the possibility of opening a mortgage savings account. With this financial instrument, the self-employed have the possibility of being able to meet a monthly deposit obligation in their bank account. This will generate similar perceptions regarding your payment culture with your credit instruments, which will give the right signals to the bank.
  3. Payments Below 45%:
    This is a strategy that shows the bank two things. First, by not spending even half of your income on paying bills, you show the bank that you have financial prudence and a savings culture. Also, keep in mind that mortgage payments usually range from 30%-40% of your monthly income. If your debt does not exceed 45% of your income, you indicate to financial institutions that you earn enough to assume the mortgage commitment.

There is a Better Alternative: a Top Mortgage Broker

The self-employed best option is to go to a top of the line mortgage broker for self-employed borrowers. These agents are in charge of finding the best loan options for the self-employed. To do this, they have a portfolio of lenders who understand the challenges of obtaining a self-employed mortgage. Besides, they are willing to commit to you without placing unfavorable conditions.

Trust the Experts

For years, Everything Mortgage has been the premier self employed mortgage broker in Toronto. We focus on finding the best mortgage alternatives for independent producers, making us the best mortgage broker in Toronto. If you want to access the best deals for your home purchase, you are in the right place. Contact or call our award-winning brokerage firm. We will be happy to support you.

Self Employed Mortgage Broker Toronto

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