May 6, 2021

Trending Home Renovation Ideas for 2021

Trending Home Renovation Ideas for 2021

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Over the past year the meaning of “home” changed. Our house is more than just our home base. Now, it’s the place where we work, play and relax. It’s only natural that you want your home to be functional and pleasurable.

2020 was the year when Canadian homeowners rolled up their sleeves and finally tackled those home renovation projects they’ve been putting off.

Now, in 2021, home renovations will ramp up even more. According to a survey by TD Bank, more than one-third of Canadians are planning big home renos or repairs this year.

Whether you’re considering a major home renovation or just want to give your home a boost, these are the top design and home renovation trends that your home can’t do without in 2021 (and beyond!)

Create a Home Office

A dedicated home office space is no longer considered an extra feature – it’s essential. With most of us working from home , an office or designated work space is just as important as a functional kitchen or bathroom.

In 2020, when offices and businesses closed, we all scrambled to find suitable remote working spaces. Today, majority of Canadian employees are still working from home.

In Ontario, kids will continue remote learning until at least September 2021. Some companies have permanently closed offices or are adopting a hybrid model all together.

In prior years, an open-concept layout was at the top of the reno wish list. This year, the need for more separated spaces to accommodate a remote lifestyle is a necessity. If you don’t have a dedicated office space this may the year to incorporate one.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

New kitchens have always been one of the most important features of any home. But the pandemic has placed more importance on having a kitchen that is both functional and enjoyable to cook and eat in.

In 2021, more homeowners are incorporating tiered, two-level kitchen islands and even doubling up on them, which is a very practical renovation idea. It allows you to have one island for prep/cleanup and another for dining.

This year, it’s all about creating more pantry storage, multi-purpose spaces and incorporating germ-free features such as porcelain countertops and touchless faucets into the space.

More homebuyers are looking at the kitchen for more than just it’s appearance. Functionality for cooking multiple meals a day, storing excess food and supplies and congregating with family is increasingly important.

However, a kitchen remodel is often the most expensive room in the house to renovate. So, if you want to renovate your kitchen but don’t have the cash to do it, consider a home renovation mortgage to help cover the costs.

Step into a Bathroom Oasis

We can’t go to the spa so why not bring the spa to you? This year, more homeowners are upgrading their bathrooms with luxe spa-like features to make it more like a bathroom oasis.

The bathroom is more than just a place to “freshen up.” Now, it’s a sanctuary where you can unwind and relax. If you’re up for a bathroom renovation why not make it as enjoyable as possible?

From heated floors, free-standing soaking tubs, rain showers neutral colours and even upgrading your toilet to a bidet, you can make a lot of changes to your bathroom that will allow you to recharge, relax and rejuvenate any day of the week. Plus, bathroom upgrades will also boost the future resale value of your home.

Keep Active in a Home Gym

It’s always a challenge to keep active but in 2020, it was even harder. We were confined to our homes, we cooked more and exercised less.

When the gyms shut down, many people transformed unused or underutilized spaces such as their basement, extra bedroom or storage room into an at-home gym or yoga studio.

Today, fitness centres are still closed and it’s uncertain when they will reopen. Fitness spaces will continue to be one of the biggest home design trends this year.

Reimagine Outdoor Spaces

COVID-19 brought a strong desire for more space. City slickers traded in their condos for more space further from the city. People are spending more time at home than ever before and they are looking for ways to enjoy their home and the outdoors.

In 2021, arguably the biggest design trend is sprucing up outdoor spaces. And, we don’t mean with a basic patio set. Many homeowners are take advantage of the opportunity to reinvent their outdoor spaces to make it enjoyable and inviting.

An outdoor space equipped with features like a lounging set, fire pit, kitchen and dining area give you the opportunity to enjoy your home while being outdoors.

This year, more Canadians will be sprucing up their backyard with pools, hot tubs, decks and more. A proper outdoor space is a feature that homebuyers are actively searching for and will add incredible resale value to your home.


Transform Unused Spaces

Another trend we saw during COVID-19 was homeowners transforming spaces that were unused or underutilized. Many activities that were once outside the home are now performed inside the home and it may continue to be this way in the future.

Another very practical home renovation idea is to convert spaces you rarely use into something that will add value to your everyday life. That could be a gym, home office, extended kitchen or even a playroom for your children. You can even create a health and wellness space where a masseuse or manicurist could service you in your home. The opportunities are endless!

It’s Time to Make Your House a Home

2021 is a new year and an even a better year to get started on tackling those home renovation projects you’ve been putting off.

Maybe some new landscaping, an extra wing for your growing family, an expanded kitchen, or a swimming pool in the backyard is just the thing to make your home better suit your needs.

Or, perhaps you’re ready to move-up and want to upgrade your home’s features to make it more appealing to potential homebuyers.

In any case, a record number of Canadians have tapped into their home equity for improvement projects. There’s never been a better time to access the extra funds you need to bring your home to that next level of comfort.

Learn more about how a Home Improvement Mortgage can help give you access to funds without having to sell your home or use high-interest debt.

If you’re ready to start your home renovation contact us or fill out an quick and easy online application.

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