Bad Credit Mortgage

Think you can’t get a mortgage with poor credit? Think again.

Bad Credit Mortgage

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Don’t let bruised credit hold you back

Many Canadians have experienced financial setbacks which may have affected their credit. Perhaps you were laid off or suffered an illness that forced you out of work. Maybe you went through a messy divorce or maybe you experienced a financial small business in your small business which forced you to default on loans and credit card payments.

If you have bruised credit don’t fret! There’s still hope yet. We take the time to understand your entire story and look beyond your credit rating to understand the “big picture.” We work with lenders who understand the challenges borrowers have with low or no credit and offer solutions to help them succeed. We help pave the way to homeownership with guidance that is unbiased and fair. And, we only disclose your financial information if you’re likely to be approved by that lender.

If you have poor or no credit but work with the right person and take the right steps, you can still fulfil the dream of home.

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